10 Lessons I Got from “Crazy Beautiful YOU”

I am not a KathNiel Fanatic but honestly since the movie, ‘She’s Dating the Gangster,’ my wife & i have anticipated their upcoming movies & so… here’s my recent experience & the 10 lessons i have learned from their latest movie entitled: “Crazy Beautiful You”

1. Don’t just be HighTech in gadgets, Be HighTouch with people

2. Forgiveness is not just given to others. It is also given to oneself. When we forgive we set ourselves free.
3. When you love… you do everything for it. You fight for it.

4. Living a great life is a choice that we make despite the painful things that has happened to us.

5. Sometimes we need to help others for us to be able to heal and find ourselves.

6. Pictures are gifts because they remind us of the memories & the story behind it.

7. All of us have been hurt & has hurt others as well. We are all Wounded Healers.

8. True Wealth & Happiness cannot be found in the riches & possessions we have. It can only be found in the heart where fulfilment & significance lies.

9. The best kind of love is not selfish, it is selfless.

10. Each one of us has a story of disaster but we are all Crazy Beautiful People and that makes us one of a kind.

I have not included here the scenes for me not to be a spoiler but i’m sure when you see the movie yourself you’ll realised and remember these lessons plus i’m sure you’ll have your own list as well.

To all KathNiel Fans & Friends out there, ’till our next movie. You are all Crazy Beautiful People <3

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