3+4=7 (The 7 Blessings at 34 and the lessons I learned from it)

“The more the you celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Allow me to share with you the joy in my life because of God’s goodness and greatness now that I turned 34 and most especially I am truly grateful because of these 7 Blessings and the lessons I learned from it. As you go through these I hope that you will be reminded of how God has been good in your life and amidst all our problems truly there is still so much to be thankful for.


  1. #TeamLIBIRAN

5 years ago my wife, Emelyn & I dreamt of having our own family. In spite of our excitement it did not become an easy journey for us because we had a challenging time in conceiving (Know the full story via http://bit.ly/2x7c0YP). 4 Failed Pregnancies in total and all of our unborn children were given names: Isidro, Faith, Hope & Love. All of them we already have entrusted to God. During these difficult moments of our life we are grateful to our family, friends, community and support group because they all have been a source of our strength and encouragement. Still, we held on to our faith that God is faithful and we will trust in His perfect timing. And so He did… On December 20, 2016 Emelyn and I gave birth of our baby girl, Eliana Sophia or Yana in short which means “God answered our prayers”. To this date, Yana is on her 8th Month and on December 2017 we will celebrate her 1st year of life and love.


  1. Great Image Billboard Models

Another Blessing came in an unexpected package. Never in our wildest dreams that my family and I will be featured in the prime spot billboard along EDSA near MRT Santolan. This all started a year before Yana was born and that is when Emelyn and I joined the February 2016 Holy Land Pilgrimage of Bro. Bo Sanchez where we met the owners of Great Image (Visit https://web.facebook.com/greatimageph/). It was truly a blessed and life-changing experience for all of us who became part of that journey and even beyond the pilgrimage our friendship continued. Fast forward, as parents of Yana we documented through photos and videos all the ‘first’ in her life and even her ordinary days that is always extraordinary for us and we just kept posting online to share our joy and blessing. These are the posts that the owners of Great Image discovered that she can be a model for their brand and that’s why she sent us a message inviting Yana who was 4 months old then to do photo shoot including us her parents. Emelyn & I got so excited for this as we prepare for Yana’s first modeling stint. Haha 😀 #StageDaddy #ProudParents but unfortunately, the first attempt was not successful because Yana was not feeling well and she was not in the mood for the photo shoot but we just said that we’ll try our luck next time and so we did. Thank God because everything went well and we just enjoyed our family photo shoot – it was a blast! Then just this last week of August, one of Yana’s godmother sent me a message congratulating my family for being an inspiration in our Great Image billboard along EDSA and for me this is our way of being ambassadors of God’s great image in us.























  1. Mom’s Homecoming

After years of working abroad, my mom, Imelda finally came back home for a 3-week vacation to spend time with us and to also work on some important matters for the family. She may have a hectic schedule but still we made quality time with each other. Mothers are really the best because they are always thinking on how they can bless their children in any possible way. In a short span of time during her vacation, my mom showed and modeled us the value of generosity, family and love. Thank You, Mommy Imelda for your love and joy that radiated God’s abundance. Till your next homecoming.











  1. Crossroads & Beyond Train-the-Trainers Program 

At the beginning of the year, I said to myself that I will be launching my new book on September 2017 but God has other plans that instead of giving birth of pages they became people whom I called Crossroads and Beyond Aspirants where we got into a 12-Week Journey together to learn, unlearn and relearn on How to become a Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Seminar Leader and Thought Leader that will make a difference in the world. And yes, this all came true and on September 9, 2017 Saturday,8AM-5PM (Register now at bit.ly/iCHOOSE99 or email us at roadto99.choices@gmail.com for more information.) These 16 amazing people will lead the 1st of many seminars, retreats and learning sessions they will organize. I am so excited for all of them as they spread their wings and embrace their future as Servant-Leaders of the Platform.



















  1. Facilitator-in-training for LinkOD and Kerygma Conference 2017 Speakership

 For the almost years I have been a client of one of Philippines’s biggest learning providers, Salt and Light Ventures and it has been a dream to be part of their growing team of Speakers and Facilitators. Thanks to one of my mentors, Mr. Boris Joaquin whom I met because of the Lead Like Jesus Movement and eventually he referred me to Mr. Luigi Mapa of LinkOD to be train as one of their facilitators for their signature programs such as SeeWorthy: Day O and Everyday Workload Management. It has been my desire beyond preaching at The FEAST to expand my borders in the marketplace and add value in the lives of many people.








It’s always a huge blessing and opportunity to speak at the biggest inspirational learning event in the Philippines, Kerygma Conference 2017: COMMITTED happening on November 23-26 at SMX Convention Center, MOA (Get your tickets via www.KerygmaConference.com) where I will speak for the youth ministers and young people on “Intentional Leadership”, among with the topnotch and in demand experts of the country. This event has changed my life and the lives of the thousands of people who have experienced this. Once again, I am COMMITTED to give back and add value to the success and significance of this amazing event.











  1. PIXELS Hobby Café now open to serve you PLUS Many More

It has been a dream in the family to launch and open a coffee shop business and now it has come true plus many more… Last August 17 with courage and joy, we had our soft opening for our PIXELS Hobby Café (Visit https://web.facebook.com/PixelsHobbyCafe/) located at Casa Monte Building 120 M.H. Del Pilar, Malanday in Valenzuela City where we believe that in life “Everything is AWESOME!” and this should be the experience of our guests as well in our place, food and people. Alongside, the Casa Monte Group of Companies namely: Casa Monte Events Place, Casa Monte Merchandise, PIXELS Hobby Café, PIXELS Catering by Leda and Kambal Pandesal are now open to serve you. We are now officially in business!
























  1. My Feast Builder Message, Re-launching my weekly blog and God spoke to me at The Feast Bay Area PM Sessions 

It’s now official! Last August 2017, I started writing my Feast Builder’s Message along with rocker-preacher, Brother Alvin Barcelona for the Feast Bay Area PM Sessions (Visit https://web.facebook.com/FeastBayAreaPMSessions/) kung saan Mayroong Magandang Mangyayari Sa’yo. This will create a habit of writing for me as I re-launch my weekly blog as well that will bless many. Later on, this will be compiled and can be a possible source of my upcoming books. For now, I will be consistent and committed in creating value adding content one word at a time.





































On the eve of my birthday… it was during the Holy Mass at the Feast Bay Area PM Session that I got a message from God. Right after I receive Jesus through the communion I was asking Him on what’s the next breakthrough He has for me as I celebrate My Birthday Week? As I look in the sea of people the Lord spoke to me in my heart, “JC, lead & love My people starting with your family, love ones & friends. Be the Best Version of Yourself. Get ready for an abundant life I have for you… shine My light & share My love to the ends of the earth.” And that was the best birthday message I got from God Himself.
















My Dear Friend, let me give you the permission to celebrate your life even if it’s not your birthday. Every Moment is an opportunity to be grateful and to celebrate life. May you be one of the reasons for people to be thankful and to love life even more.


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Enjoy the RiDe of Your Life,

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