AlDub’s Lessons in LIFE

Aldub Kalyeserye is a new segment of Eat Bulaga. Joey De Leon one of the hosts of the said noon time show said in an interview with Jessica Soho that Maine Mendoza is really a “baeyaya” (blessing) to them.

The Kalyeserye is full of unique rumors which catches viewers’ attention. Aside from the love story of Alden and Yayadub, there are a lot of life lessons to remember.

1. Parents and Grandparents are not villains

Parents and grandparents are naturally protective. If you consider their discipline no matter in what forms negatively, you are loosing half of your life! They do a lot of disciplinary actions because they love you. Will you wait for the time when they don’t care anymore? Of course, not!

Lola Nidora in the Kalyeserye does a lot of what I am talking about. Yes, if you are always watching the show you know what I am talking about.

2. Don’t rush things to happen

Finding a lifetime partner is not a joke and not even a game like Minion Rush. Do not be in a hurry. In everything, there is a right timing. You’ll know if it is already the right time when it happens just right on time.

The day when Yayadub and Alden meets is an example. Obviously, it is a perfect time to see each other but not for them to get near with each other.

3. Let the heavens do it for you

Who would ever thought that after all, wait Lola Nidora will allow them to see each other? It seems impossible.

Simply, what’s meant  will always be. Climate changes and people do. We’ll never know what lies ahead. Just keep on the right track. Obey your parents’ and grandparents’ advise and you will be wise.

4. Family First

On the most awaited Saturdate (  date on a Saturday) of Yayadub and Alden, Yayadub did not think twice but to leave Alden because her grandmother needs her.

People may leave us anytime but your own family won’t. They are the one’s you can lean on. Blood is greater than water, meaning your family knows you better and vice versa. If a man or woman loves you they will understand your decision.

5. Sa Tamang Panahon…

(On the right time)

This summarizes this article. While watching the show every day you would remember that line. As lola Nidora delivers that line with wide eyes open.

On the right time. You might get tired of waiting and hoping but when your time comes it will be worth it. Patience is where love meets wisdom. While waiting, you’ll know that finding a true love is a lifetime decision. In the same way, waiting takes time for you to think not just once nor twice but as many as you can if possible. If I will choose this person as part of my life and vice versa will it be worth it?  Will I become a better person because of him/ her?  Is she or he the right person for me? There’s so much to consider before making  life changing decisions.

Finding your true love is worth the wait. You’ll know that you found it already when you don’t know how to express how it feels and there’s no exact words for it. Just like Alden and Yayadub.

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