Are You 4G Connected this season?

“Love is something that you give it away, give it way… Love is something that you give it away and you’ll end up having more.” –Magic Penny Song

One of my friends invited me to join him to celebrate his birthday with the street children led by the He Cares Mission, a foundation that cares for the homeless, wounded and vulnerable children, giving them a chance to make a contribution to the world.

I am usually invited to facilitate retreats, recollections and seminars. But this different because I did not speak – I only needed to bless the kids with my heart and hands.

The special outreach activity also became a reunion of friends who responded to the invitation to love and spread goodness that day. It was a tiring, whole day activity but my heart was filled with joy and gratitude. I felt alive and blessed. It felt like heaven!

Author Karen Goldman wrote, “There is one path to heaven. On earth we call it love.” Your journey closer to heaven especially when you love the lost, the least and the last.

This story is my own piece of heaven. How do you make heaven an everyday experience? By being 4G connected: Connect to your Goodness, Greatness, Gratitude and Generosity.



God is good and we all are created in His image and likeness, therefore, we are all good inside and out. When we fail, falter and fumble, know that this is not our true nature. Always remember your true self -you are good just like our God, the source of all goodness.



Become the best version of yourself. Never compare yourself or compete with others because you will become bitter instead of better. Affirm yourself that you are good and great. Then a think of how you can improve and grow in all areas of your life. Just like in the Parable of the Talents, how can you maximize your God-given talents? How can you bring out the best in yourself every day? Be always at your best.



Gratefulness brings you more blessings. Always look at the bright side of life amidst all the challenges and negativity around us. Be thankful in your love ones and your relationships. Have an attitude of gratitude and get ready to be blessed.



It is better to give than just to receive. The key to life is a balance – you receive and you give. Give by serving and adding value to others. Your generosity will make you happy and fulfilled. God gives you more than enough to bless others.


These 4G Connection reminds us all to bring heaven here on earth, and to share life-giving love wherever we are. It is real love from Jesus that we can pass on to others.

“In the beginning was the Word… and the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us…” (John 1: 1,14) God was already there from the very beginning. He is the source of love.  The apostle John wrote, “we love, because He first loved us.”  (1 John 4:19).

This love has name… He is called JESUS. He is the true reason for celebrating Christmas more than parties, gifts, attractions and others. CHRISTMAS is all about LOVE. Let us make this love come alive, not just this season but for the rest of our lives.


In Him,


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JC Libiran is a Servant-Leader at The Feast Bay Area PM Sessions. And he is an Author and Founder of Project CourageZone. Above all, his first ministry is to Emelyn and Yana, his family. Connect with him via

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