3+4=7 (The 7 Blessings at 34 and the lessons I learned from it)

“The more the you celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Allow me to share with you the joy in my life because of God’s goodness and greatness now that I turned 34 and most especially I am truly grateful because of these 7 Blessings and the lessons I learned from it. Read more about 3+4=7 (The 7 Blessings at 34 and the lessons I learned from it)[…]

Welcome Home to our YOUTH…

The LOJ Youth Missions is all about love.  Acceptance. Embracing. Warmth. Good feels. Exciting. Happy. Tears may come but joy comes as well. Filled with grace. We are the youth ministry of the Light of Jesus Family. We are founded by Catholic lay preacher & best-selling author, Bro. Bo Sanchez. WE LOVE FUN! We engage in lots of awesome, Read more about Welcome Home to our YOUTH…[…]

Mercy FULL: Receive & Give MERCY

Pope Francis has been preaching about God’s extravagant mercy.  He proclaimed 2016 the Year of Mercy.  In his book, titled The Name of God Is Mercy, he said that Mercy is the very essence of God. Jesus hang out with questionable people.  And so does Pope Francis. When he went to the United States, the Pope called Read more about Mercy FULL: Receive & Give MERCY[…]