Are You Ready for Your BREAKTHROUGH?

BREAKTHROUGH means an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

Are you ready to have a BREAKTHROUGH in your life?

Minsan gusto natin ng malaking pagbabago sa buhay natin. Pero kaya hindi natutuloy ito ay dahil sa hindi pa tayo handa sa pagbabago na gusto nating mangyari para sa atin.

I can share this with you because I myself became a victim and got trapped with this to the point that i was already drowning and I almost got a breakdown.

Recently, my usual self got into ‘tambay mode’, which means i was not as busy as I am with projects and activities. Slowly, I felt loneliness & bitterness eating my worth as a person. I measured my success with the events & results I created but since there were no things to do, I have forgotten my purpose and got lost because of this drama.

Have you experienced this at point of your life when you are down & out then you mix it up with ‘comparisonatis’ (most esp. when you see your friends online having a great life & posting their success) you feel less than & you start to hear lies that ‘You are not Enough’ or you even say: ‘Buti pa sila… Kawawa naman ako’

I am telling you right now that when you start thinking of these limiting beliefs about yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure & misery. You are shrinking your greatness & you have forgotten how it is to be grateful for who you are.

In Genesis 1:26, it says “We have been made in God’s image & likeness” and that’s why I believe that God wants the best for us. God wants BREAKTHROUGH to happen in our life and this will only happen when we allow him to BREAK THROUGH US.

And that’s what happened to me. I allowed God to BREAK THROUGH ME. As I looked into my life, what has been missing was my core & my foundation in God. Kaya pala, every success & achievement I had was fading & temporary because it was not grounded with My God. It was all about ME & about the people in my life as if it’s like all selfies & groupies but where is God in the picture of my life. He was missing, not because He was absent but I was not allowing Him to be part of my success.

Bottomline, When you make GOD first in your life EVERYTHING ELSE will be added unto you.

Now as I write this, I am continuously receiving God’s blessings. I am now cooperating with His grace and I am experiencing BREAKTHROUGH happening in every areas of my life. Grabe!!! I am even more excited of what God will continue to do in my life. But most of all, I AM MORE EXCITED FOR YOU as you allow Him to be the center of your life because I AM REALLY SURE that He has amazing surprises for your life. THROUGH HIM YOU WILL RECEIVE BREAKTHROUGHS YOU HAVE NEVER IMAGINED.

Btw, here are the STEPS to BREAKTHROUGH that I have made that led me to where I am now (inspired by the Tony Robbins BREAKTHROUGH Seminar I attended in Singapore last May 2015):

  1. STATE – I started thinking & feeling like a WINNER. When I felt sadness & bitterness pulling me down, I picked myself up. I start the day with my daily devotions and receive God’s powerful words (subscribe to, I exercise & I begin my day with gratitude and appreciation. This sets me up not just for a winning morning but for a winning day!
  2. STORIES – I made a decision to change the stories that I have been telling to myself most especially those VICTIM stories I play in my mind and share to people. I change this into VICTORY stories which I shared about the great things that God made in my life & the exciting things He will continue to do in my life & through my life.
  3. STRATEGY/SUPPORT – I created a game plan (practical actions I needed to do to move on, from where I am stuck to where I want to go)  to create breakthroughs in my life with the help of my family & friends as my support and encouragement.


My Dear Friend, if you have been praying for your BREAKTHROUGH then prepare for this & pray for God to make this happen in your life.




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1 thought on “Are You Ready for Your BREAKTHROUGH?

  • Hi Bro. JC thank you so much for sharing this very empower and inspirational on your website. Before I read this post, I felt so worried, pressured, anxious, & down especially when the Board Examination for Respiratory Therapist was approaching (last Sept. 9 & 10, 2015), so I decided to visit your website and I thank God when I found your latest post from this website “Are you ready for your BREAKTHROUGH”. When I was reading this, it transforms me, turns my weaknesses into a strength and empowers me. I believe that God wants the best for us.”God wants BREAKTHROUGH to happen in our life and this will only happen when we allow Him to BREAK THROUGH US ” I’m ready and I thank God for the upcoming BREAKTHROUGH to happen in my life 🙂 Thank you so much again for inspiring us everyday. God Bless You abundantly 🙂

    -Melvin L. Santos

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