Campus LIFE, Come Alive!


Why Campus LIFE?

by Niko Capucion & JC Libiran

Have you ever been on a trip? Last 2015, I was on my way to Cagayan De Orqo to facilitate a retreat for seminarians. I was excited, woke up early, called a cab to pick me up from home at 5:00am. It was 4:00am. I was so excited I couldn’t take a nap anymore. My body was oozing with adrenaline. I reviewed my talk on my laptop, and I was so ready to preach! I knew I was going to preach my heart out. I looked at the taskbar on my laptop and I saw that the battery was low. So I looked for my charger. To my surprise, IT WASN’T THERE! I panicked! I unpacked and packed my bags three times! I looked for it everywhere and almost tore my room apart! I realized I may have left it in a retreat house in Tagaytay the previous night. To cut the story short, it was too late to get it. Imagine that! Going on a trip to a place to do something and realizing that I won’t be able to do the very thing I went on that trip for! But it wasn’t too late to email my PowerPoint slides to the organizer. And so I did. It would’ve been a waste!

Christianity is a journey. And part of that journey is to share Jesus (evangelize) and teach about Jesus (disciple). If you won’t be able to do that, then your journey will be a waste!

NEWSFLASH: Our prayer gatherings, the Feast, cannot do all that. Our events can just set up people to have a time with God, to make them aware of His presence, and start a hunger from within. But to make it sustainable, sharing Jesus and teaching about Jesus needs a more personal and more consistent venue. And that’s where you come in. You can bring this experience to your school, and bring Jesus to your classmates. So don’t stop at The Feast! Share the journey with others!

The Light of Jesus Youth Missions has now begun to share its journey to different campuses around the Philippines (and soon, the world!) through Campus Life.

Campus LIFE is the campus missions arm of the Light of Jesus Family whose advocacy is to prepare the next generation of leaders, learners & lovers.

We provide life-changing experiences & support system to schools & campuses through concerts, camps, leadership talks, seminars, formation, recreation & support groups.
Campus Life also intends to prepare the next generation of:
(1) Leaders. Through practical teachings and application of leadership skills;
(2) Learners. Through constant formation, growth, and development in all areas of student life;
(3) Lovers. Through a culture of sincerity, openness, friendship, and love.

Through Campus Life, we desire to share God’s journey of love & life to every student so that they may experience the gift of being fully alive.

JC Libiran is the Director of Campus LIFE. He is an author, life coach & a sought-after inspirational speaker for Youth and Corporate seminars. JC is happily married to his wonderful and beautiful wife, Milen. They both live in Valenzuela City. PARTNER WITH US: Those who would like to start a Campus LIFE in your school kindly send your inquiry to or Contact us via 7263929 (207)

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