H.E.A.L. Your Family, Heal the World



“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.”

– Mother Teresa


When we talk about your family do you smile or do you shy away from the topic? How do you feel about your family? Do you have happy memories of them or hurtful ones?


For some young people their experience of their family is awesome & full of love but for some their experience of family is not good instead they find ways to escape their realities for them to forget their pain and disappointments. We’ve heard of countless stories about broken families and on how it has affected a lot of youth get into trouble. And normally, they blame their wrong doings because they never felt real love from their own family and they make this as an excuse to doing stupid things in their lives.


This reality strikes us and I know that we can really live a life full of drama about this but our stories of pain, hurt & brokenness can be different. We just have to make a choice to either give up or give all that we can do to change & write our stories once again.


My Healing Story

I grew up in a not-so-perfect family. My dad has always been busy with work and he even went away for a long time to work abroad leaving all of his 4 children to my mother. Don’t get me wrong but my dad has been a good provider but we never felt his presence. No wonder why when he came back home to be with us once again all of us felt cold towards him. Among my siblings, I gave my dad a chance to catch up and allowed him to reconnect with me. I thought that this will be the start of renewal but I was wrong because eventually my parents did not go along together and there were moments that they almost gave up on their marriage. Seeing all of this drama as a child I made a promise to myself that I’ll do everything to keep our family together and when I have my own family I’ll also take these lessons with me to be the best family man I can be.


The Rise of Wounded Healers


You can also have a different story. Not a story full of hurt but a story of healing. Make a decision to never give up on your family and instead give all you can do to heal your family. When you heal your family then you are healing the world as well.




Here are 4 Ways to H.E.A.L. your family:



One of the ways for you to heal your family is to be the first person to hope the best for them. Focus on what is good in them and start working with what they have. Dream big for your family to inspire you to do everything for them.



This way means acceptance of who your family is. There are things that you cannot really change about them and instead of making everything a big issue work towards what you can agree with and for all the things that you don’t have control of, offer prayers to God who can do the impossible for you.



In this way it’s not totally giving all the work to God and we will just wait for His miracles for your family but instead this requires us to do all the practical actions to help and heal your family. Finding all the alternative solutions for things to work for your family.



After entrusting our family to God and doing everything for them our last resort will still be to love our family until the end just like how Jesus Christ gave His life for us to experience His Amazing, Healing & Transforming LOVE.


Let me close with some lines from the Song, Only Selfless Love:


We call all families… rise up and raise your hands as one.

Come show the world the love that binds all God’s children into one. We call all families… share the treasure that’s in your hands

What can save us now, what can lead us now, what can make us all be one… Let’s make it happen, through only selfless love.



Enjoy the RiDe of Your Life!


*JC Libiran is the Author and Founder of Project CourageZone. He is the Director of Campus LIFE whose advocacy is to prepare the next generation of leaders, learners and lovers. Take this adventure and JoinCampusLIFE@gmail.com NOW.

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