Every time we love, every time we give, its Christmas. Dale Evans

Christmas spirit is just around the corner and once again we will all celebrate Christmas and commemorate the birth of Christ. This time of the year is one of the months full of activities such as reunions, shopping, traffic, gift-giving, parties left and right.

For most employees the 13th month pay or Christmas bonus has been given already and most likely one of the question you will hear from them is: How will i spend this money? Some of the common answers might be: Buy a new gadget, go on a vacation or splurge it during this holiday. More on spending for oneself, not SHARING for others. No wonder why when the new year comes the money is almost gone and everyone wants to start all over again with their resolution most esp. in handling one’s finances well.

With all of these events and things to do the true essence of this season is lost or distorted. Is Jesus still the true reason for this season?

I love Christmas time because I remember as kid I was always given a big amount of money to buy myself gifts. Yes, you heard me right I buy my own gifts for myself and growing up I thought that this was the way to celebrate Christmas. I was only thinking of myself and i have forgotten that just like the Lord He was born in order to save humanity and to share His love to the world.

Later on in life I discovered another way of celebrating Christmas. In my high school years I got into saving money from my weekly allowance to buy my favorite comics called ‘Funny Komiks” and my comics collection continued to grow, up to the point that i got addicted to it and it became my world.

During this time i was part of the Catechist Club where we do outreach projects with a nearby public school and squatters area. One day our club moderator challenge each one of us to prepare for our Christmas Outreach project where we were ask to give away something really important for us for the sake of the poor kids we serve & minister. The moment i heard this i knew that my favourite comics collection were in trouble. I swallowed hard & my breathing became difficult for me then the Lord spoke to me to Let Go & bless the kids with my comics collection.

Bottomline, on the day of our Christmas outreach i gave away everything that i have in exchange for the happiness of the kids. WoW! Seeing the smiles in faces of the children were priceless. It is really a blessing when you give because you receive more love and joy in your heart. That Christmas was truly memorable for me. It was not just another selfish Christmas for me, it became selfless.

As of today whenever i remember these stories of my Christmas childhood i am reminded of the true reason behind why we celebrate Christmas and that it should continue all throughout the year.

Jesus was born in a humble manger surrounded by His family, friends and even complete strangers because He wanted everyone to experience His selfless love. Today, the Lord invites us to celebrate His love everyday not just for ourselves but for the sake of others.

My Dear Friend, it’s Christmas everyday! I pray that your heart will be filled with His love & joy. Don’t keep this inside of you. Share this to world. Rock & Roll for the Lord!!!

*This was originally published in FiSH Magazine November 2015

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