Online or Offline? Usap naman tayo…

“Disconnect to RECONNECT.”


I heard this line above in one of the short films na napanood ko 2 years ago when one of the main characters told the kids to turn off their gadgets in order for them to interact, connect and communicate.


I agree with this statement since a lot of people nowadays have been used to “digital division.” Instead of people talking, listening and having meaningful conversations, it is alarming to see and observe that we are losing the essence of communication.


Aaminin ko na guilty din ako sa “disconnected culture” na ito like pag-gising sa umaga I’ll reach for my phone agad wherein dapat I should pray muna or greet my wife muna, pero nauna pa yung phone. Here’s another one. Whenever I find myself alone & bored I usually go online while killing time. Sayang yung opportunity to explore and get to know people around me.


Oops! Guilty ka rin ba dito? Hehehe. Mahirap pigilan especially if you’ve been used to doing this. The challenge now is… it is possible to get back our true love for conversation and communication? Yes, there is HOPE lalo na if each person will make a decision not just to be High Tech (Always Connected Online) but High Touch (Always Connected through Human Interaction) as well.


Here’s what I’ve been doing so far… it’s still a work in progress but I’m intentionally doing this Art of RECONNECTION. Let me share 3 short stories & consider what you can learn from these:


1. Early morning chat with my sister-in-law


Normally, when I drive and when I am alone, I’would just put on some music or do my prayer meditation. But in this instance, my sister-in-law was riding with me since we will be passing by her office on my way to a meeting. I made a choice to put off the music and we had a meaningful conversation about work and life. It was a blessing!


2. Chatting with my old friends


During my break, instead of just killing time through my social media accounts, I started chatting with my old friends or those people whom I have not seen for a long time. Since I was able to catch them online, I asked them how they are doing and if ever they need any support or prayers from me. Most of them truly appreciated this short but sweet time we had together. This connection may not be in person but I made sure that they felt my presence online.


3. Listening to a stranger


When I was a kid, I remember my parents would always say not to talk to strangers, but it was different this time. I was in a coffee shop doing some online work when a stranger sat in front of me and started a conversation. I thought of ignoring him since I was busy, instead I stopped doing whatever I was busy with and I just made time to listen to this foreigner talking about the crazy traffic in Manila. Before he left the coffee shop he said that he appreciated our small chat. I am thankful for this moment because I was able to add value by listening to this man and I was able to learn from him as well.


Let’s R.I.D.E. on this:



Are you open for conversations? How do you start your conversation? Share an experience you have on this.


“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” ― William Hazlitt, English literary critic and essayist


Verbal communication is the currency of human existence; it’s hard-wired into our psyche. Without it, we retreat into isolation. But with the right kind of conversation, we flourish. -Case Study, The Art of Digital Conversation


How will you level up the way you have a conversation? Share some of your ideas and experiences.


Let me leave you with this cool video that you should watch. Let us be reminded by this culture of disconnection & let’s make a choice to create “a new culture of reconnection”:


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