Write that, Write NOW!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!! To all aspiring writers & authors (even to those who are veterans on this) allow me to share with you one highlights of the “WRITE that RIGHT NOW: BEGINNINGS”
Writing Workshop facilitated by Karren Sena, Best-selling Author of CHAMPIONS
(Avail. in www.KerygmaBooks.com) that i attended last July 2015.

These 6 powerful questions will be a blessing in your writing & author’s journey:

Why are you writing? What will your book do for your readers? What is the deep WHY behind this desire to write & publish your book?

Where do you get your inspiration?

How much time are you giving to create & write your content?

How do you see things from your point of view in contrast to other writers & authors?

What is your story of struggle & survival? How do you overcome challenges in your writing journey?

How is your writing or book different from others? What is your YOUniqueness?

I believe that when you ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS it will lead you to the RIGHT ANSWERS. My prayer is that with these questions i have shared with you, may it lead you to the direction you want your Writing & Author’s JOURNEY to go.

I really recommend that you grab the opportunity to experience & be blessed by the next event of my friend & best selling author Karren Sena. For more info visit this http://karrenrenzsena.com/writenow/

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