You are a HERO not a zero


“Not all heroes are dead. Some of them are living among us and some have not yet decided to be one.”


If you will be a superhero, who would you be and what will be your superpowers?


I have been a big fan of superhero movies and I am always excited of the thought of comics superheroes coming into life. I would always imagine that what if I can have their superpowers as well and I can save people who are in danger. I even remembered myself when I was a kid role-playing that I was fighting the bad guys and saving my princess who was my crush that time. But as I grow old I have discovered that most of these were part of my imagination and creative thinking. Today, I have discovered that these superheroes may not exist but in real life there are ordinary people who does extraordinary things to make a difference in the lives of others. This is where I began my journey in discovering that I can be a hero as well.


My Zero Story

When I was still a grade school student I was small and weak and because of this my classmates who are bigger has been picking on me and it has been their habit to bully me. There were days that I hated going to school because I was suffering too much and I am not able to focus in my studies because I was always afraid and distracted by these bullies in my school life. I allowed them to step on me and I thought that this was normal and because of this I started to believe that I am a loser and that I cannot do anything about this. This gave me feelings of defeat and made me look down upon myself. I have started to believe that this might be the kind of life I will be having.


And when things seems hopeless that’s the time that I have met good people along the way and modern day heroes in my life like my teacher who always gave me words of encouragement whenever I feel bad. I also met friends who cared for me and protected me in times of trouble. I have forgotten as well that whenever I come home there is my family waiting for me and who loves me unconditionally. I was all focused in my zero story that I forgot to recognize the world is not just about bad guys and villains and that there are still goodness around us. In fact, instead of looking for heroes maybe we can believe that we are called to be heroes as well to the voiceless and victims of this wounded world.


My Hero Story

That’s why I remembered that later on in my high school journey I saw a similar zero story in one of my classmates, Joseph. Because he was a transferee, and he was too small and weak, he was also bullied in class and I can’t stand to see for history to repeat itself. Right after the incident I gathered all my strength and courage and approached to talked to the leader of the bullies and I asked him if he and his friends could stop this bullying. With God’s grace, the leader and I made an agreement and the bullying did not happen again. We all became friends and Joseph and I became the best of friends up until now.


Just like me, You can be a H.E.R.O. Here are the 4 qualities you should have:


H – umble

Recognize the goodness and greatness in you no matter what but continue to be humble and be of service to others.


E – mpowered

Discover, develop and deliver your talent and gifts to bless others starting with your family, friends and whenever you are given the opportunity to be of help.


R – esourceful

In times of trouble and challenges always look for solutions and resources like don’t solve your problems by yourself instead look around you and ask for support to people you look up to and for people who cares for you.


O – ptimist

When you look at the stories of people around you a lot them tells stories of defeat, loss and hopelessness. That’s why we should always give hope and spread goodness wherever we go. Through us they will still believe that modern day heroes still exists.



What is your HERO Story?

My dear young friend, whatever it is that you are going through in your life whether it may be bad or challenging I believe that you can turn your zero story into a HERO story. You don’t need to wear a mask or a cape because you have the most powerful force called love and that makes you a true hero.


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Saint Mother Teresa


Enjoy the RiDe of Your Life!


*JC Libiran is the Author of “Too Blessed to be stressed” and Founder of Project CourageZone. He is the Director of Campus LIFE whose advocacy is to prepare the next generation of leaders, learners and lovers. Take this adventure and NOW.

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